Health and Safety

Nashoba Youth Hockey places top priority on player health and safety. In the event of an injury, our goalis to give our players the best chance to have a positive outcome post-injury.

Please make sure to review USA Hockey's Concussion Protocol and USA Hockey's Concussion Management Program. 

The USA Hockey Concussion Management Protocol and most state statutes require that an athlete be removed from any training, practice or game if they exhibit any signs, symptoms or behaviors consistent with a concussion or are suspected of sustaining a concussion. The player should not return to physical activity until he or she has been evaluated by a qualified medical provider who has provided written clearance to return to sports. This form is to be used after an athlete has been removed from athletic activity due to a suspected concussion and must be signed by their medical provider in order to return without restriction to training, practice or competition.

USA Hockey Return to Play Form

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