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Finance: Tuition Policy 2023-24

The Nashoba Youth Hockey Association, Inc. (NYHA) is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization. As an association with non-profit status, each member is responsible for adhering to the Tuition Policy to ensure that all costs of the program are paid for, and any risk associated with non-payment and/or delinquent payment of tuition fees is reduced. The following Tuition Policy is in effect for the 2023-2024 season, which is expected to begin in September 2023 and end in April 2024.

Tuition Overview

Tuition rates have been established by the NYHA Board of Directors. Tuition fees ensure that the association maintains the ability to pay for the costs associated with operating the program, examples of which include but are not limited to:

  • League fees, practice ice, skills clinics, jerseys and socks, coaching education, league playdowns/playoffs and administrative costs.

The Nashoba Youth Hockey Association Tuition Policy and team assignment process for the 2023-24 hockey season is outlined below.  Tuition payments will be made in installments (see Payment Schedule) and must be paid in full by August 15, 2023 unless otherwise noted. If tuition is not paid in full or if there is an outstanding balance from a prior season, your child will not be issued a team jersey and will not be allowed to participate in NYHA activities. 


All players must complete an online registration form and pay a non-refundable $100 registration fee to NYHA prior to the first evaluation date for the following season. The registration fee will be applied to the player’s tuition once placement is accepted. Players will not be allowed to participate in their age level evaluation session if the registration fee is not paid and online registration form has not been completed.

After placements evaluations are complete, players will be assigned to the appropriate Nashoba hockey team. At that time, a player must accept the team assignment and the first tuition payment will be due. The first tuition payment is meant to hold a position for the player on the active roster. Non-payment of the tuition fee may jeopardize the player’s initial evaluation placement. 

Payment Schedule

The payment schedule is listed below. The following tuition amounts are subject to change by up to 10% based upon increases in league fees and ice time rentals, which are set after NYHA determines tuition rates.

Playing for Multiple teams

If a skater registers to play on two teams, the total tuition will be the combination of the higher full team tuition plus $500. 

Families with Multiple Players

NYHA offers a family discount for those families who register two or more children. Discounts are applied to the player with the lowest tuition amount as follows:

2 children           10% off lowest tuition

3 children           20% off lowest tuition

4+ children        50% off lowest tuition

Discounts may be applied to initiation program tuitions. To receive a discount, first register your children, then email the NYHA Treasurer (contact information below) to receive a pricing adjustment.

Alternate Skaters

Players must request an alternate placement in writing and be approved in advance by the NYHA Director of Player Development. To become an alternate, the skater must contact the Director of Player Development (contact information below), provide proof of registration as a full-time member of another, non-Valley League hockey program, and complete registration and payment with NYHA, Inc. Alternates will be placed on a team at the discretion of the NYHA board, dependent upon player skill level, age, and availability of space on the team. NYHA must receive tuition payment IN FULL prior beginning of the season and there will be no refunds at any time for alternate registrations.

Alternate attendance at practices and games is at the Head Coach’s discretion. Alternates cannot attend skills or goaltending skills sessions. If an Alternate is not placed on a team, the $100 registration fee will be refunded.

Alternates are allowed for Boys Midgets or Girls U16/U18 Teams at NYHA’s discretion.

Initiation Programs

Initiation programs run throughout the year. Tuition for the Learn to Skate and Learn to Play Hockey are due at the time of registration and payment must accompany a completed online registration form.

Refund Policy

Once a player is assigned to a team and accepts placement, tuition payments begin and hold a space for the player on that team. For that reason, we strongly encourage families to read and understand this policy prior to registering a player for a team.

The registration payment made at the time of Placement Evaluations is non-refundable. All tuition refund requests due to withdrawing from the program after a player’s tuition has been paid must be made in writing to the NYHA, Inc. Board of Directors and sent to the NYHA Treasurer. Request will be considered only for cases of illness or injury that prohibit the player from participating in the sport of ice hockey for the balance of the current hockey season. No refund will be granted for any reason other than the aforementioned. The NYHA, Inc. Board of Directors decision will be final and the refund, if approved, will be subject to the availability of program funds. Upon receiving the request, the NYHA Board will review the details, establish a date of withdrawal, and communicate a decision to the requester in writing. The following chart outlines the availability for a refund and the deadline for refund requests.

Fee Request Deadline Refund amount
Placement Evaluation Not applicable Non-refundable
($100 registration fee)
Tuition Request received before August 15th and approved by NYHA 50% refund
Tuition Request received after August 15th Non-refundable
Alternate placements Not applicable Non-refundable

Declined, Late, Missed, or Returned Payments

NYHA incurs fees when payments are declined, late, missed, or returned. If you have a question or concern about a charge made to your credit or debit card or bank account, please first contact the NYHA Treasurer in writing to attempt to resolve the issue prior to initiating a dispute resolution with your financial institution. Fees will be charged to the player’s account as follows:

Type Fee
Returned checks $35
Declined, late, or missed payment: credit card $25
Declined, late, or missed payment: ACH $40
Dispute (ACH/Credit Card) 5% administration fee (based on base tuition rate) plus $25 fee

Tuition Assistance

Tuition assistance is available to NYHA applicants who are in need due to financial hardship. All requests must be submitted in writing to and received by the NYHA Treasurer prior to the first current payment due date. All alternative payment arrangements must be agreed to in writing, and the parent/guardian will be responsible for adhering to the agreed upon tuition payment schedule. Failure to pay according to the agreement will result in your child not being allowed to participate in NYHA activities.

Tuition assistance is granted on an individual basis and is provided in two formats: alternative payment plan or tuition relief.

  • Alternative Payment Plan: Applicants and the NYHA Board form a written agreement including an alternative payment schedule from the current fee schedule. The player will remain on the active roster if the payment plan is followed.
  • Partial or Full Tuition Relief: NYHA believes in making ice hockey accessible to those children who would like to play. We have partnered with other community members and organizations who help us support this mission. When tuition relief is granted, applicants and the NYHA Board form a written agreement outlining a decreased tuition rate for the season. All requests for tuition assistance will be kept confidential, and you will be notified in writing of the Board’s decision.

To request tuition assistance, please email the NYHA Treasurer prior to completing registration and indicate the type of assistance you are seeking. 

Contact Information

Please use the following contact chart to reach us with any questions regarding this policy.

Nashoba Youth Hockey Association Board of Directors Mailing Address: Refund requests (please direct emails to the President and Treasurer)
Michael Bonenfant, President P.O. Box 681
Westford, MA 01886
Amy Tesz, NYHA Treasurer Sibling Discount
Tuition Assistance
All other finance/tuition questions
Brant Berglund, NYHA Director of Player Development Alternate Placement request

Thank You,


Nashoba Youth Hockey Association Board of Directors

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