How to Cancel and Reschedule a VALLEY HOCKEY LEAGUE Game

First, DON'T!  You will see that games are a headache to reschedule. They also cost NYHA and the cancelling team money (about $700: $315 for ice, about $80-$100 for officials, and $20 for a timekeeper, in addition to the $270 game fee that has already been paid.) IF a canceled game is not rescheduled, your team is charged with a forfeit loss AND NYHA is charged your opponent's game fee.  Note: There is no cost to your team or NYHA if your opponent cancels a game. They are then responsible for rescheduling and providing ice, officials and a timekeeper.

Other options

• Submit day off requests to NYHA as soon as you know your team is participating in a tournament so that you don't end up with games when your team is away.

• If you are canceling because you are short on players, call up players from a lower level team.

• If you feel the game date or time is unreasonable (e.g. too late on a school night or on a holiday) contact the NYHA & VHL rep to request that the league reschedule the game.

If you have no other option and must reschedule a Valley League Game, the new standard process when a team has a conflict with a game is the following:

1) Contact your opponent - this is the most important, so that they are aware of your conflict and do not arrive at a rink to find no opponent to play.

2) Submit a Game Cancellation form – this can be found on your dashboard when you log into VHL website.  Note - when the form is submitted, the game status will show as a FORFEIT - but this is simply a place holder until the game is made up. Once the league receives a copy of the make-up game sheet, we will remove the forfeit and replace it with the actual game score. 

3) Reschedule the game - this is often done on either practice ice from one of the two teams, or if another VHL team cancels a game on you, you can utilize that ice (and referees) for a make up game like this! If you end up rescheduling the game on your own ice, you will need to get referees and a timekeeper. Some programs have a set of refs that they use for make-up games - but if you end up having trouble lining two refs up, you can always reach at They will normally need to be paid at the game.

4) Submit the Game Sheet - once the game is played, please send a copy of the completed game sheet to the league office via mail, fax or scan/email to: Valley League 7 Parkridge Rd. Haverhill, MA 01835 Fax 978-557-5519 Email:

How to obtain open ice - Please contact the NYHA Director of Resources to discuss potential ice time.

Schedule Officials - You will need to secure officials for this make up game.


Schedule a Timekeeper - You can use a parent or sibling who is familiar with running the clock. Update the schedule - Once the game has been confirmed with the other team, inform the Director of Resources so that the game can be added to your schedule and NYHA master schedule. The game will not be added to the VHL site.

Submit the Makeup Game Sheet - Once the game is played, please send a copy of the completed game sheet to the league office via mail, fax or scan/email to: 

Valley Hockey League

7 Parkridge Rd. 

Haverhill, MA 01835 

Fax 978-557-5519 


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