Manager Documents

Microsoft Excel template for the Avery 5163 10-sticker sheet. You will need to adjust the team name, year, roster members, team numbers and coach names with CEP number. Make the appropriate changes in the top left most sticker then copy your team to the remaining 9 spots. Minor adjustments to the columns (1st and in between stickers) may be needed for your particular printer.

Example of how to fill out a game sheet for a Valley Hockey League game

For those team managers or parents who want to help track statistics during games, this is a simple sheet that can collect quite a bit a info. After listing all of your players in 1st column, you can track shots on net for each player in the next 3 columns, shoots on your goalie for all 3 periods and then the plus/minus for each goal during the game (noting the period and time of goal in the 1st and 2nd row of the column.

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